CHW-1One rapidly increasing job opportunity is CHWs being employed in all healthcare settings. CHWs have the role of connecting health care consumers and providers while promoting health among populations that traditionally lacked access to healthcare. Maryland Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) has a Community Health Worker (CHW) Technical Assistance, Training, and Support Center. The AHECs have trained CHWs working across the state in hospitals; health departments: and within their own AHEC centers.

Baltimore Area Health Education Center (BAHEC) is implementing CHW training cohorts for the Baltimore Population Health Workforce Collaborative. The Maryland AHEC CHW training curriculum encompasses 160 hours recommended by the Maryland Workgroup for Workforce Development for the Training of Tier II (Certified CHW). 120 hours is didactic classroom training that includes group work, role play, and homework built into the training time.  After didactic training, the CHWs apply learning in 40 hours of an employment based field practicum. The field practicum is documented by journal entries and logs turned into BAHEC.

The MAHEC curriculum includes training on all CHWs 11 core competencies recommended from the Maryland Workgroup as well as the competencies identified in the national C3 Project.

Resources and Follow Up for BAHEC CHW Alumni (Password Protected)

Mellissa Miller (CHW Co-Trainer) & Shantia Jones (Community Health Lead Trainer) with recent BAHEC trainees at the Baltimore City CHW Conference June 21, 2017

BAHEC has ongoing CHW full time six week classes that run four hours a day for six weeks.

BAHEC Video– Shantia Jones,  Community Health Trainer presenting about program at the The Unity Conference 2017: The Collective Power of CHWs, CHRs and Promotores

Please contact Michelle Clark at or 410-856-3636 to learn more about MAHEC CHW training programs.