PCT Pic 9One rapidly increasing job opportunity is CHWs being employed in all healthcare settings. CHWs have the role of connecting health care consumers and providers while promoting health among populations that traditionally lacked access to healthcare. Maryland Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) has a Community Health Worker (CHW) Technical Assistance, Training, and Support Center. The AHECs have trained CHWs working across the state in hospitals; health departments: and within their own AHEC centers.

BAHEC is implementing a CHW curriculum made up of 160 hours recommended and covering the 11 core competencies recommended by the State Workgroup on CHW Workforce Development. The MAHEC curriculum includes a field practicum guide to training CHWs with employers while in training.

Please contact Michelle Clark at michelleclark@umm.edu or 410-856-3636 to learn more about MAHEC CHW training programs.